Fellowship, Caring and Outreach Ministry

Just inside the walls of your house, are hundred things you don't see!  There's the framing, the electrical wires, plumbing, and technology. You don't see these things, but they are absolutely essential for the house to serve as a home, sanctuary and shelter that we often simply take for granted.

There are subsystems at a church that help make a church building function as a true house of worship and community. Some of these essential subsystems are: hospitality, inreach/outreach, caring (prayer lists, meals-and outreach projects), Cape Kid Meals, funerals/receptions, church picnics.  

The person tasked with overseeing these particular subsystems is Ginny Chamberlain.  Ginny's ministry title is, "Director of Fellowship, Caring and Outreach".   Many of you may not know that Ginny is currently working on a Doctorate  in Church Leadership.  Beyond this, she has significant skills and experience as a high level manager in the high tech world. We are extremely blessed to have Ginny serving with great faithfulness to our church and our Lord.  If you see Ginny, give her a smile and a warm "thank you" and better yet, ask her if there is a place where she can direct you to serve!