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08/07/2022Rev. David A. Johnson "The Joy of Trials?!" (22 22_8_7_DAJ_TheJoyOfTrials.mp3)
Sunday Service James 1:2-8
Download 22 22_8_7_DAJ_TheJoyOfTrials.mp3
07/24/2022Rev. David A. Johnson "A Life Well Blessed" (22 22_7_24_DAJ_ALifeWellBessed.mp3)
Sunday Service Joshua 23:9-14
Download 22 22_7_24_DAJ_ALifeWellBessed.mp3
07/17/2022Dr. Paul Borthwick "Are You Willing to Be a Footnote?" (17 22_7_17_PB_AreYouWillingToBeAFootnote.mp3)
Sunday Service Acts 9:4-17
Download 17 22_7_17_PB_AreYouWillingToBeAFootnote.mp3
07/10/2022Rev. David A. Johnson "God Calls to Old Men (and Women)" (22 22_7-10_DAJ_GodCallsToOldMen(AndWomen).mp3)
Sunday Service Joshua 13:1
Download 22 22_7-10_DAJ_GodCallsToOldMen(AndWomen).mp3
07/03/2022Rev. David A. Johnson "The Most Dreadful Story in Scripture" (22 22_7_3_DAJ_TheMostDreadfulStoryInScripture.mp3)
Sunday Service Joshua 7:19-25
Download 22 22_7_3_DAJ_TheMostDreadfulStoryInScripture.mp3
06/26/2022Rev. David A. Johnson "A Responsive Remnant" (22_6_26DAJ_AResponsiveRemant.mp3)
Sunday Service Isaiah 8:9-14A
Download 22_6_26DAJ_AResponsiveRemant.mp3

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