Men/Women Bible Studies


Women's PM Wednesday Bible Study meets at 6:30 PM at Grace Church. Kathy Borsari and Krista Swanson are leading this study on the book of I Peter.  The final study is December 8th before the holiday break. The study will resume in January.

Women's AM Wednesday Bible Study  meets at 9:30 AM at Grace Church led by Judi Nadeau and Ginny Chamberlain. The final study is on Dec. 1st before the holiday break. The study will resume in January.

We are beginning a five week Bible study by Ray Vander Laan entitled, "Israel's Mission".

As they stood at the foot of Mount Sinai, the Israelites not only agreed to partner with God by worshipping Him as king, they also took on a mission: become a kingdom of priests in a prodigal world. This had been God's plan for His people from the time He called Abraham out of Ur, a mission that would forever characterize Abraham's descendants and one which Jesus would renew with His own ministry. Follow the rabbi through Israel and Jordan, scaling mountains in the Sinai and exploring the ancient cities of the Decapolis as you unpack what it means to be a kingdom of priests today.



Join us Tuesday mornings at 7 AM for "The Gospel of Christ Applied: A Study of the book of Acts led by Pastor David.